Lazar discusses innovation on Serbian television

With more and more companies looking to get their brand at the forefront of the market, Lazar discussed the innovative ways that companies are propelling their brands across the world in the race for the number 1 spot.

Speaking on national state television Lazar expressed that it’s no longer enough just to rely on marketing budgets and campaigns. “Each company frequently wants to know, how can I get at the top of google search? How can I beat my competitors listings? It puts into perspective that most companies are more focused on the race to get to number one without taking the time to re-asses their brand/product and being innovative in their approach”

“There are so many new social media platforms that companies are not taking notice of, such as ‘TikTok’ which is really gaining momentum. Companies need to be aware that while these platforms are providing entertainment they also hold a large audience and that’s where brands/products need to be present.”

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