Lazar penned his debut book in 2021 which became to be a best seller in various amazon categories such as ‘starting a business’. The idea for writing his book came from many conversations he would have with people seeking business advice when starting out with an idea of their own.

In 2022 the book was adapted into a new TV show produced by Lazar’s production company. The show aims to give anyone with an idea an opportunity to secure a successful business partner to make their idea a reality. The TV series was launched in 2022 on Montenegro’s most watched television channel – Televizija Vijesti.


Are you tired of watching your dreams fade away? Do you feel stuck in a cycle of procrastination and self-doubt, unsure of how to break free and achieve your goals? If so, “Make It Happen!” by Lazar Vukovic is the book you’ve been waiting for.

In this powerful and inspiring guide, Lazar Vukovic takes you on a transformative journey towards realising your true potential. Drawing upon his own experiences and expertise, he offers practical strategies and actionable advice to help you overcome obstacles, conquer fear, and create a roadmap to success.

Unlike other self-help books, “Make It Happen!” doesn’t simply motivate you with empty promises. Instead, it equips you with the tools and mindset needed to take immediate action and achieve tangible results. Lazar’s unique approach combines the science of motivation with the art of goal setting, enabling you to tap into your inner drive and create a clear vision for your future.

Inside the pages of “Make It Happen!”, you’ll discover:

  1. The psychology behind motivation and how to harness it for lasting success.
  2. Proven techniques to overcome procrastination and develop unstoppable discipline.
  3. Strategies to overcome self-doubt and cultivate a positive mindset.
  4. The importance of goal setting and how to set achievable objectives.
  5. Actionable steps to create a detailed plan and track your progress effectively.
  6. Techniques to leverage your strengths and talents to maximize your potential.
  7. Tips for maintaining momentum and staying focused when faced with challenges.
  8. Lazar’s own inspiring success stories and real-life examples to illustrate the principles in action.

Whether you aspire to advance in your career, start a business, achieve personal milestones, or improve your overall well-being, “Make It Happen!” will empower you to overcome any obstacle standing in your way. Lazar Vukovic’s uplifting and practical guidance will inspire you to believe in yourself, take charge of your life, and make your dreams a reality.

Don’t let another day go by without taking action. It’s time to Make It Happen!



Lazar Vuković kaže “Ja nisam poznato ime, Ja sam samo prosječna osoba, baš kao i ti… ili si možda daleko superiorniji od mene. Podijeliću sa vama kako sam uspio da napravim da se stvari dešavaju iz ničega…”

U knjizi nam Lazar opisuje od prodaje slatkiša u djetinjstvu na igralištu, prodaje igračaka u lancu prodavnica do rada sa članovima kraljevske porodice i savjetovanja svjetskih lidera.

Ovo je mala crna knjiga priča o tome kako je napravljena!



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Get ready for a groundbreaking television show that will transform your life and inspire you to take action like never before! “Make It Happen!” with Lazar Vukovic is a captivating and empowering TV series that takes viewers on a journey of personal growth, goal achievement, and transformation.

Featuring Lazar Vukovic, each episode of “Make It Happen!” delves into the lives of individuals from all walks of life who are striving to make their dreams a reality alongside the Make it happen! panel. Lazar’s dynamic and engaging style combined with his expertise in human psychology and goal-setting techniques make for an unforgettable viewing experience.

In every episode, Lazar Vukovic connects with individuals who are facing challenges and obstacles in their pursuit of success. From aspiring entrepreneurs and artists to career changers and personal development enthusiasts, Lazar offers them personalised guidance and expert advice to help them overcome their roadblocks.

With each participant’s unique story as a backdrop, “Make It Happen!” takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, as they witness the struggles, triumphs, and personal breakthroughs that occur throughout the transformative process. Lazar’s unwavering belief in each individual’s potential becomes infectious, leaving viewers feeling inspired and motivated to make positive changes in their own lives.

The TV show offers:

  1. Riveting personal stories: Watch as Lazar dives deep into the lives of participants, uncovering their dreams, fears, and aspirations.
  2. Expert guidance: Lazar Vukovic brings his years of experience in business to provide practical advice, tools, and strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
  3. Inspiring transformations: Witness the incredible personal growth and transformations of the participants as they conquer their fears and turn their dreams into reality.
  4. Actionable takeaways: Each episode leaves viewers with tangible takeaways and actionable steps they can apply in their own lives to start making things happen.
  5. Make it happen! panel: Including renowned industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers who share their own experiences and insights on achieving success.

“Make It Happen!” with Lazar Vukovic is not just another reality TV show. It’s a life-changing experience that will ignite your inner fire, empower you to break through limitations, and inspire you to take charge of your own destiny. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation as you witness the power of making it happen!

So, are you ready to make your dreams a reality? Tune in to “Make It Happen!” with Lazar Vukovic and join the movement of individuals who are determined to create their own success.