Lazar Launches New Board Game

Nobody thought of it in 40 years – Four King Amazing!

One of the most iconic episodes of Only Fools and Horses is ‘Losing Streak’, which sees Delboy and Boycie try to cheat each other out of a poker game.

During the game Boycie pulls out 4 kings from out of his sleeve to cheat Del, however Delboy being one step ahead holds 4 aces… 

Boycie: How did you know I was cheating 

Delboy: Because those weren’t the cards I dealt you!

Now you can reenact the scene as Boycie intended with the Boycie Four King Poker Set (RRP £19.99). The set comes with all you need to play poker plus 100 poker chips, oh… and don’t forget those all important extra four kings to keep up your sleeve. 

The game includes:

  • 1 deck of cards
  • 4 extra kings (to be kept up your sleeve)
  • 100 poker chips
  • Specially digitally signed photos of Boycie 
  • Dealer, small blind, big blind button 
  • Rules sheet 

In January 2020, John Challis aka ‘Boycie’ set out to the capital of Serbia to try and find out why the show was so popular to the people of the Balkan nation.

The uplifting documentary ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ shows viewers what it’s like to be ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ and provides entertainment, facts and a flood of fond Fools memories for fans; making it the most uplifting, hilarious and heartwarming Christmas gift of the year. 

Lazar Vukovic created the documentary and game which has been made in Britain, and comments:  “Me and John came back from filming Boycie in Belgrade in February this year, during lockdown I watched so much Only Fools and Horses and I thought, why isn’t there a Boycie Poker Set… the idea was born. 

“The game has been developed exclusively in the UK using a supply chain and various manufacturers around the UK. I wanted to support all local businesses after lockdown, of course the costs would have been cheaper if it was made in China, but after everything I wanted a product made on home soil.”

For more information on the documentary, merchandise or to purchase Boycie’s Four King Poker Set visit 

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