Boycie in Belgrade soon on ITV Hub

Lazar’s documentary filmed in 2020 with the late John Challis titled ‘Boycie in Belgrade’ will be shown on ITV Hub from 2023.

ITV Hub is a video on demand service home to more than 30 million subscribers. The deal has been agreed by Trinity Creative Partnership on behalf of Wolf Entertainment.

“I’m very happy that Boycie in Belgrade will be available on ITV Hub. Myself and John Challis travelled to Belgrade to find out just why Only Fools and Horses is so popular in the region. John really enjoyed meeting the people of Belgrade and the people were amazed with the opportunity to meet an icon they’ve watched on their screens most of their lives.

This documentary had such an impact that John had been awarded with honorary Serbian citizenship for his work and support towards Serbia. I really enjoyed working with John and I’m sure he’d be very happy with this news.” Lazar Vukovic

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