Make It Happen! Publication Day

Lazar’s debut book ‘Make It Happen!’ is launched today.

Speaking to The Successful Founder Lazar shared his views on encouraging others to start their entrepreneur journey:

“To follow their passion or idea, there is nothing more satisfying than meeting people who love what they’re doing for a living.
I believe that is such a gift, some people spend a lifetime looking for it, some never find it, but self-fulfilment shouldn’t be penalising…
I suggest they ‘run with it’ whatever their passion, idea or opportunity may be!”

Make It Happen! covers Lazar’s life experiences in business from childhood and aims to uncover what it needed to make an idea, passion or opportunity a reality.

The paperback is available via amazon, Waterstones by clicking here

The audiobook will be available on audible and iTunes shortly.

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