Lazar’s Forbes Interview

We are thrilled to announce Lazar’s exclusive interview with Forbes Serbia, a remarkable milestone in his journey as an entrepreneur. The feature delves into Lazar’s entrepreneurial DNA, showcasing the resilience, innovation, and strategic thinking that have propelled his ventures. From the challenges faced in bridging business cultures between the UK and Belgrade to the pivotal moments that defined his path, the interview captures the essence of Lazar’s unique journey.

For Lazar, this interview is not just a personal achievement but an opportunity to share valuable insights with a wider audience. The feature provides a window into the mindset of an entrepreneur navigating the complexities of international business, offering inspiration and guidance to aspiring business leaders.

We invite you to read the full Forbes interview to gain a deeper understanding of Lazar’s entrepreneurial spirit, his dedication to innovation, and the lessons he has learned along the way. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we look forward to more opportunities for Lazar to share his experiences and contribute to the broader discourse on entrepreneurship and business growth.



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