Lazar signs 5 year global deal with Trinity Creative Partnership

Lazar has signed a 5 year global distribution deal for Boycie in Belgrade with Trinity Creative Partnership.  The deal will see the feature documentary broadcast in worldwide territories over a 5 year period via various channels including television and video on demand sales.  Produced by Wolf Entertainment, Lazar Vukovic said “We are thrilled to have […]

Lazar announces his new book

Lazar has announced his first book due to launch in March 2021 Entitled Make it Happen! it contains various stories as an insight into Lazar’s life – from childhood through to today you will learn how he has ‘made things happen’. For more information, click here

Lazar meets Prime Minister of Montenegro

Lazar held a meeting with the new Prime Minister of Montenegro – Zdravko Krivokapic, in Podgorica, Montenegro. Lazar discussed faith, entrepreneurship and the future potential of the country. “Montenegro is not only a beautiful tourist destination, but it is an emerging market within several business sectors which have a vast amount of potential. I look […]

Lazar Launches New Board Game

Nobody thought of it in 40 years – Four King Amazing! One of the most iconic episodes of Only Fools and Horses is ‘Losing Streak’, which sees Delboy and Boycie try to cheat each other out of a poker game. During the game Boycie pulls out 4 kings from out of his sleeve to cheat […] – A New Star is Born

The station has been founded by Lazar Vukovic, Mike Read and Andrew Eborn to bring a new lease of life to the entertainment world, delivering brand new, never seen before content.  STELLA.TV will launch on November 23 with two original shows; Mike Read’s Breakfast Show running from 7am – 9am Monday – Friday, and from the […]

Lazar signs deal with Cinema chain

Lazar who produced and directed Boycie in Belgrade has signed a deal that will see the special documentary shown in cinemas around Serbia and Montenegro. The deal signed with Cineplexx will screen the documentary from 15th October 2020. For more information visit:

Lazar Chairs First Virtual Round Table Meeting

The Round Table was initiated by the Serbian Council of Great Britain in 2010 to provide a platform for all Serbian Organisations discuss issues of interest in the United Kingdom. Since the pandemic there has been no RT meetings, however, on Sunday 19th July that changed and the first Virtual Round Table meeting was held […]

Boycie in Belgrade Launched

Fans of Only Fools and Horses can learn about how popular the show is in Serbia with the new documentary ‘Boycie in Belgrade’. John Challis who plays ‘Boycie’ in the series OFAH travels to Belgrade to find out why the show is the favourite sitcom in the country! The documentary is available to pre-order on […]

Lazar & Boycie in Belgrade

Entrepreneur Lazar Vuković let loose a media stampede in Serbia when he brought over Boycie from popular sit-com Only Fools and Horses. What one thing did Serbs in Britain and the entire population of Yugoslavia had in common during the 80s? It’s an answer which will bring a smile to all our faces – an […]